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Today Information Technology moves at the speed of light. It powers businesses, as well as your neighbors alike. It gives educators the ability to improve the delivery of curriculum and educational services. Today Information Technology is no longer just about computer services, rather everything that has been made possibly only by the computer. Such as, for example, informing people halfway across the globe on the great traits of your brand, or even the possibility of transforming your brand into a household name.

We, at HSG, believe that Information Technology is a two tier system. The method of delivery and use, as well as the content delivered. For years Computer Service Providers and Web Specialty Consulting Firms have steered clear from each other when in reality they actually need each other. That is why Ignitia I.T. Solutions and WebNotica merged to bring to you the best of both worlds. Fully converged information technology service across one single platform, one billing infrastructure, and one point of contact.

With Ignitia, an HSG Service Brand, you no longer have to worry about computer systems in your business being down. Gone are the days you wonder what your child is doing on the internet. Hello to complete and utter security. The Single Point of Contact (SPOC) you’ve been looking for has arrived. Knowledge is power! Likewise, now that WebNotica is apart of Ignitia, competition is just another word. Now your single point of contact for computer services is the same place you can depend on to fully manage your business’s online and offline marketing efforts. From web design, and consulting, to graphic design, print marketing, and mass mailing. Now you have the power to “Expose Yourself”™

With Geek Zone Support, also an HSG Service Brand, consumers and businesses now have access to their own personal full time PC Help Desk! Geek Zone Support provides monthly, and weekly unlimited service plans as well as affordable Pay-As-You-Go service plans to fit every need and budget. 

Thank you for your Interest in our Business: At HSG, our mission from the moment you become a client, is to provide the most advanced, knowledgeable, and scalable converged Information Technology across one easy to use platform. Whether it’s professional computer services for your home or business, or the complete solution for enhancing or creating your brand’s online presence, HSG's promise is to give you the ability to Worry Less, Experience More


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