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Ignitia & WebNotica Brand Unification Underway

June 18, 2008 – Homosassa, FL – On Tuesday, the management of HSG Holdings Inc have announced that the plan to combine Ignitia and WebNotica under a unified Ignitia brand is well underway. Current client web development and/or hosting agreements will not be affected. Hosted clients will not experience downtime or an interruption of service.

Chairman & CEO Fareed Warrad said during the announcement that he expects the combination and services transition to Ignitia to be seamless with no worry or confusion to the client. Clients will also not see a change in their service representative or their current company customer service contact phone numbers.

More information about the combination of brands will be available soon.  

HSG Announces it's plan to fold it's WebNotica brand into Ignitia.

June 12, 2008 – Homosassa, FL – On Thursday, Chairman & CEO Fareed Warrad announced that effective immediately the company will fold it's WebNotica brand it acquired during the merger into it's Ignitia brand. Furthermore the Ignitia brand will be known strictly as Ignitia Solutions or Ignitia for short.

Mr. Warrad also announced that HSG will also enter into web subcontracting services with a few non affiliated companies to fully back the new Ignitia service brand. One of the subcontracting companies mentioned during the press release was Designs by  Casey. DBC was created by former COO & President Casey Christensen upon his departure from HSG. 

"We have no reason not to fully stand behind the strength and marketable powers of our Ignitia Brand" said Mr. Warrad. "There not be an Ignitia Web division or anything of sorts, it will simply be known as Ignitia"

The announcement comes days after Mr. Warrad appointed Joseph Diodati as the new COO & President.  "Our immediate goal is to position our service brand in the best, cost effective way by eliminating market place confusion as well as releasing a unified website design for our website network" Mr. Warrad continued. 'In the coming weeks, and months we look forward to Mr. Diodati's help in expanding not only Ignitia but HSG. 

HSG Announces it's New COO & President

June 4, 2008 – Homosassa, FL – On Wednesday Chairman & CEO Fareed Warrad announced that he has appointed Joseph Diodati to become Casey Christensen's successor and assume the title as Chief Operating Officer & President of HSG Holdings Inc. His position will be effective Monday June 9, 2008.

"We are extremely pleased to have Mr. Diodati to join our team" said Mr. Warrad. "He comes from a rich background of business expertise and we are confident that he will help lead HSG to a successful future"

More information regarding the new COO & President will released here when it becomes available. 


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