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HSG Holdings Inc., Begins Shutting Down Citrus County Florida Operations. Relocation to Arden, NC is on the way.

03/26/09 – Homosassa, FL – Fareed Warrad, the Chairman and CEO of HSG Holdings Inc, announced that the company has began shutting down it's Citrus County Florida operations, which includes all Information Technology based  services for both the Consumer and Business divisions of the company. The company is currently accepting new clients for only Remote Support Services and Web/Graphic Design services due to the fact that these services are nationwide.

Mr. Warrad stated that the company will be relocating it's core operations to Arden, North Carolina, and that the company will also began to focus less on "physical" services and more on "virtual" services. Mr. Warrad said that he has resurrected the company's WebNotica division and has restructured it into an Internet Properties Management division. "Our goal is to reduce our physical overhead and create new revenue from the internet. Basically, we're moving towards becoming an internet service company," Mr. Warrad said.

Beginning April 2009, www.remoteassistlive.com will be re-designed, separated from Ignitia Solutions, and folded into WebNotica Internet Properties' portfolio. Mr. Warrad expects to eventually rebuild Ignitia, HSG's I.T. brand, as it begins not only recovering from the poor economy, but becoming more financially stable with the help of it's new WebNotica division. In the meantime, www.ignitiasolutions.com will be temporarily shut down within a couple of weeks once the company leaves Citrus County, Florida. The site will be re-launched once the relocation is complete with all new pricing. Ignitia is expected to retain it's Third Party Warranty Service Contract as it will be transferred to the new jurisdiction.  

"We've been in business for almost six years. We've made a lot of customers happy. For that I can confidentially say that' Hybrid Solutions is not going anywhere anytime soon. You wait and see, we will re-emerge stronger and more equipped to helping our customers 'Worry Less, Experience More™' before you even realize that we left," Mr. Warrad said.


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